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For those of us who love the romance of the "western lifestyle," Joe Baker perpetuates this unique form of Americana. With his slow southern drawl and a tip of his hat, he will make you feel as if you were having a cup of coffee with him by a flickerin' campfire when you tune in to his "Backforty Bunkhouse Show."

Joe's radio show is broadcast throughout all the western states and is strickly "Western Swing & Traditional Country." The show is reminiscent of radio programs that aired in the 40's and 50's. You can catch his syndicated show on several stations in Texas and New Mexico.

Born and raised in Mineral Wells, Joe is not your typical Disc Jockey. His first radio program on radio station KYXS in Mineral Wells/Weatherford, Texas was called "Horse Sense on the Finish Line" where he handicapped racehorses for Lone Star Park in their inaugural and second season. Next, he had a documentary show called "Horse Sense on the Cutting Edge" which traced the roots of the cutting horse in Parker county, Texas. The Backforty Bunkhouse Show began at KWES Radio in Ruidoso, NM in June, 2001 until March, 2003, when he joined MTD Broadcasting, Inc. radio stations KNMB / KWMW / KIDX / KTUM and KRUI. In 2011, he moved to Albuquerque to join the Defenders of Freedeom Radio Network. In 2012, he moved back to his hometown of Mineral Wells, TX and syndicated his radio show which airs on several stations in Texas & New Mexico.

He was nominated for Disc Jockey of the Year in 2002 and 2003 by the Academy of Western Artists and KNMB, 96.7FM, “New Mexico’s Bear” nominated for Radio Station of the Year in 2004. In 2004 he was awarded Academy of Western Artist's Will Rogers Award for disc jockey of the year, the Cowtown Society of Western Music disc jockey of the year and was inducted into the Cowtown Society of Western Music Hall of Fame. He has since garnered many awards and has been featured in numerous magazines and other publications throughout the United States and Canada. He is also President of the Western Swing Guild and formerly on the board of directors for the Western Music Association. He is currently membership director for the Cowtown Society of Western Music and is doing double duty as membership director and President of the Western Swing Guild Music Society.

Joe was a Co-Founder of the only Western Music Radio Chart published not only nationally, but internationally through Power Source Magazine (a monthly periodical) in Nashville, Tennessee. There has never been a western music chart directed solely towards western music in the history of the western music genre until January, 2005.

What Folks Are Sayin' About Joe Baker's
Backforty Bunkhouse Show"

Thank you so much for all you are doin' to keep Western Swingin' in beautiful Ruidoso! Ray Reed would be so proud of you, as we all are. Keep doin' what your doin'....it's important.....

Barbara Martin, Publisher-Western Swing Monthly

Joe Baker's Backforty Bunkhouse Show features music that lots of folks have been hungerin' for. I personally have noticed a surge of popularity of this type of format over the past few years!............

Pete Laumbach, Western Music Songwriter/Performer, Hope, New Mexico

I enjoy listenin' to your Backforty Bunkhouse Show on "New Mexico's Bear!" I like the old time country music I used to listen to when I was a kid. Keep up the good work that you do........

Tom Sullivan, Former Lincoln County Sheriff

If every disc jockey played the good music that Joe plays, The world would be a much better place, Joe knows his music!...

Wylie Gustufson, Wylie & The Wild West, Dusty, WA.

Thanks to you Joe, Western Swing is Swingin' up in Ruidoso, you have one great show....

Curtis Potter, AWA WSMVY-02, Abilene, TX

I know Western Swing means as much to you as it does us, keep up the great work and the promoting that you do for all of us........

JD Barham, Cowjazz

Joe, You have a great show, you will do Western Music good.....

Don Edwards, Western Performer, Weatherford, TX.

It was good seein' you in Fort Worth, I can't say enough of how much your support means to me and to Western Music.......

Joni Harms, AWA 2002 Entertainer of the Year, Canby, OR

Thanks for invitin' me on the Backforty Bunkhouse! You have a great show and we need more of 'em......

......Red Steagall, Western Performer, Azle, Tx

We appreciate what you do for Western Swing and Western Music! Show's like yours are hard to find these days........

Ted Scanlon & The Desperado's, Las Cruces, NM

Great show, We couldn't keep the radio loud enough while in Cloudcroft this week-end........
Hon. Gary Johnson, Former Governor of New Mexico

We need more radio show's like yours, I truly enjoyed being on The Backforty Bunkhouse.......

Mike Blakely, Songwriter, Performer, Author, Marble Falls, TX

Joe, Your dedication to the music that you love and the support you give is just great, Thank you for your support and see you down the musical trail....

Ginny Mac, Performer/Songwriter, Ft. Worth, TX

I love making your life miserable!

Baxter Black, The most popular cowboy poet in the world, Benson, Arizona

The best country show in Lincoln County! Joe Baker really keeps his listeners informed and entertained......

Sam Donaldson, ABC News, Washington, DC

I’ll give you a CD, you make me a star!

Dennis Flynn, award winning cowboy poet, Azle, Texas

Dust off your hat, shine up your boots, and get ready for 4 hours of the best classic country, western swing and cowboy music to hit the airwaves since the 40's because Joe Baker's Backforty Bunkhouse Show is "On The Air" and the urge to dance will hit you any minute! Thanks for playin' the Best music in the world......

Robin Deeter, Performer, AWA-WSFVY, 2002, Seattle, WA

Your show is SUPER GREAT, we need more folks like you.....

...........Narvel Felts, Performer, Malden, MO

Thanks for having me on your show, it was "Awesome"!

............Annie B. Performer, Nashville, TN

Your show is like a four wheeler, loads of fun. Thanks for having me on your show.

Chris Issacs, (The cowboy Poet) Award winning cowboy poet, Arizona.

Thanks for all you do with the western music industry, without folks like you, there wouldn’t be a need for us!

Dan Roberts, Award winning Entertainer of the year, Aledo, Texas

I really enjoyed being on the Backforty Bunkhouse show, you play our kind of music, keep it up…………………………………………….

Cody Lambert, Co-Founder PBR

I know all the western and swing music people appreciate you for all you do to promote them, however, you also do a lot for cowboy poetry and the whole Western Entertainment family. Thank you for all you do!

Yvonne Hollenbeck, Award winning cowboy poet on a cattle Ranch somewhere amist the great state of South Dakota

I heard your show this summer while at Ruidoso Downs Racetrack and really liked what you play and your knowledge of music, very informative. I’ll always look forward to coming to Ruidoso.

Hon. Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico

It’s always a treat for me to see you when we come to Ruidoso, your radio show is one of a kind.

Hon Bill Richardson, New Mexico Governor

I enjoyed your show, reminds me of my days in Amarillo. Keep up the good work.

Steve Stucker, KOB TV, Albuquerque, NM

Joe is an avid fan of western swing, Texas honkytonk classic country and cowboy music and can fill you in on the oldest to latest happenins' in these fields of music. He also takes pride in that he has had a helping hand in many indie artists establish their musical careers. If you would like to be interviewed and have your CD played on the Backforty Bunkhouse show, contact Joe by phone or email to arrange dates, etc.

Below is a sampling of different established and indie artists Joe has interviewed on his Backforty Bunkhouse Show (List is in no particular order).
Don Edwards, Live River Road Boys, Live Bill Adams, Live Floyd Domino, Phone
Robin Deeter, Phone Bobby Newton, Live Mike Gross, Phone Mike Blakely, Live
John Hargett, Live Charlie Daniels, Phone Dugg Collins, Phone Myra Pearce, Phone
Jimmy Burson, Live "Hawkeye" Henson, Live Pete Laumbach, Live Alan Autry, Phone
Ray Benson, Phone Flying J Wranglers, Live Tommy Lucas, Phone Rockin' M Wranglers, Live
Rockin' W Wranglers, Phone Jill Jones, Phone Joni Harms, Phone T.J. Casey, Phone
Narvel Felts, Phone Johnny Duncan, Phone Ian Tyson, Phone Johnny Rodriguez, Live
Curtis Potter, Live Leon Rausch, Phone Bill Gilbert, Phone Dale Robertson, Phone
Baxter Black, Phone Terry Bullard, Live Joe Merrick, Live Pee Wee Whitewing, Phone
Ted Scanlon, Phone Ted Scanlon, Live Red Steagall, Live Danny Steagall, Live
Dan Roberts, Phone Dennis Flynn, Live Steve Schick, Live New West, Phone
Mended Heart, Phone Wylie Gustufson, Phone Billy Mata, Live Dave Alexander, Phone
Dave Alexander, Live Jason Roberts, Phone Hoot Hester, Phone Tom Morrell, Live
Peggy Rains, Phone Mark Abbott, Phone Belinda Gail, Phone Janet McBride, Phone
Brenn Hill, Phone Jeff Hildebrandt, Phone Jesse Mullins, Phone Kip Calahan, Phone
Annie B., Live Jo Hargrave, Phone Larry McWhorter, Phone Andy Wilkerson, Live
David Cline, Phone Greg Hardy, Phone Joe Paul Nichols, Live Tony Douglas, Phone
Jimmy Eaves, Phone Claude Gray, Phone Syd Masters, Live Heather Myles, Phone
J.W. Beeson, Live Al Brumley, Jr., Phone Ricky Boen, Phone John T. Wills, Phone
Dayna Wills, Phone Harold Hill, Phone Jim Gough, Phone Carl Vaughan, Phone
Rick Robledo, Phone Leon Autry, Live Saddlestrings, Phone Debra Coppinger Hill, Phone
Patty Clayton, Phone Ann J. Morton, Phone Jim & Jeanne Martin, Live Leroy Van Dyke, Live
Peggy Rains, Live Doug & Pauline, Live Kata Hay, Live Tommy Wiggins, Live
John Payne, Live Eddy Harrison, Live Russell Ray, Live Randy Ray ( KACT) Live
Julie Carter, Live Dale Wood, Live Rhonda Mc Dowell (Sisters of the Silversage) Live Bobby Flores, Live
Tommy Allsup, Live Larry Scott, Live Mike O’Daniel, Live Reid Wells, Live
David Cline, Live Randy Ray, Live